How to Lose Weight if You Weigh 200 lbs. or More

Not sure how to you weight if you weight 200 lbs. Or more?

You’ve probably tried a few times to lose weight without success. And, now you’re just second-guessing yourself.

While it may feel daunting, it’s essential to have a short memory.

This lets you put the past behind you and keep moving forward. It’s why successful people are not intimidated by their failures.

And, it’s why you’ll be able to achieve your goals as well.

These are some of the things that will help you get there.

1. Focus More on Diet Rather Than Exercise

According to research, diet is responsible for 75-80% of your weight loss. Exercise, on the other hand, accounts for the other 20%.

The reason why happens is that it’s much easier to cut 500 calories from food compared to exercise.

For example, for someone who weighs 200 pounds, you need to do this much exercise to burn 500 calories:

  • 45 minutes of running at ten mph. or
  • 1 hour and 5 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph, or
  • 32 minutes of jogging at 6.5 mph

In contrast, skipping two slices of pepperoni pizza cuts out 596 calories.

Skipping pizza not only saves you more calories, but it’s also much easier to do than all the exercises, especially on a regular basis.

More interestingly, a study published in Current Biology found that adding exercise to a nutrition-based weight loss program didn’t help burn many extra calories.

So, the bottom line is, focus all your energy on diet. If you want to add some walking or other forms of exercise that helps too. But, don’t sacrifice your diet in place of exercise.

2. Don’t Starve Yourself

Starving yourself or getting too caught up in counting every calorie isn’t a great way to live. More importantly, it isn’t helpful in the long-term.

While it may seem like it helps you lose weight quicker, it only slows down your weight loss efforts.

The most important reason why starving yourself doesn’t work is it lowers your metabolism.

Drastically cutting your food intake forces your body to go on “survival mode.” Thus, it learns to be more efficient in order to get by with little food.

When this happens, your body slows down the amount of energy it burns to conserve every ounce of it.

As a result, you lose muscle instead of fat. And, when you start to eat more, you gain weight quickly.

Other reasons for not starving yourself include:

  • You’re likely to binge eat later.
  • Your body will not get enough nutrients (vitamins and minerals).
  • You’ll always feel tired and sluggish because you’re undernourished.

3. Focus on Nutrition Instead

Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on quality. What this means prioritizing nourishing your body.

By eating the right foods, you’ll be able to eat more (and not feel hungry) and lose more weight as well.


Because you’re skipping the unhealthy fats, sugar, sodium, and junk. All of which add excessive amounts of calories. And, can make you bloated.

To do this, focus on the two main types of nutrients your body needs.


These consist of carbs, protein, and fats. To help you lose weight:

  • Increase high-quality protein. This includes chicken, fish, lean pork and beef. Eggs, low-fat milk, yogurt, and tofu are great options as well.
  • Increase healthy fats in your diet. Skip the vegetable oils. Use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil instead. Also, get some omega-3 fatty acids along the way.
  • Reduce Carbs (and choose them wisely). Instead of white bread, rice and pasta, eat more veggies instead. Be careful with starchy vegetables like potatoes and parsnips which are high in carbs. You can also add unrefined carbs like oats, quinoa, brown rice and whole grain.


Make sure you get all the proper nutrients your body needs. If you aren’t getting it from food, take advantage of multivitamins. They’ll help ensure that you get enough nutrients, so you don’t become deficient.

Many vitamins and nutrients play essential roles in keeping our cells properly functioning. This allows your body to burn fat at optimum levels given the right environment.

A Note on Added Sugars

Also, cut out added sugars from your diet. If you weigh 200+ pounds, you’re probably insulin resistant. This means your body needs to release a lot of insulin after meals.

High levels of insulin make it harder to lose weight. And lowering it will give you an immediate weight loss boost.

So, in addition to reducing your carb consumption, try to cut out added sugar as well. This will help bring down your insulin levels for better weight loss results.

4. Fix Your Digestion

Excess food over the years can damage your gut’s flora. This compromises your digestive system’s to extract and absorb nutrients from the food you eat properly.

So, even if you eat healthily, the nutrients may never get into your system.

As a result, you don’t see any benefits from all your hard work.

Fortunately, you can fix this rather easily.

Start by eating cultured and fermented foods. Fermented foods like kimchi along with probiotic supplements will help your digestive system get back to normal. Apple cider vinegar likewise works well.

Do these things daily, and you’ll be able to regain healthy gut bacteria allowing you to improve digestion and absorption.

5. Get Checked for Sleep Apnea

Obesity and excess weight is the most common cause of sleep apnea in adults.

Research shows that more than 70% of those who are overweight experience sleep apnea. And, the incidence of sleep apnea also increases as your BMI (body mass index) goes up.

The problem with sleep apnea is it causes you to stop breathing during sleep because your airway gets blocked.

This is dangerous because it happens many times across one night, every night.

Also, it also prevents you from getting restful sleep. Lack of sleep has been shown to cause weight gain because your body’s hormones go out of whack. It also deprives your cells of their nightly repair and recovery.

If you weight 200 pounds or more, it’s a good idea to get checked for sleep apnea. Your doctor will then decide the proper course of action. One of which is using a CPAP machine to help you breathe better through the night.

The good news is, losing weight allows you to get rid of sleep apnea naturally.

6. Detox Your Body

Excess body fat likely means you have a lot of toxins in your body. That’s because excess toxins are stored in fat cells.

Our bodies are naturally designed to flush out toxins through our liver and kidneys. But, if there are too many accumulated toxins, it can be hard to get rid of them all.

To help it get more work done, here are a few things you can do to aid your body to detoxify without going through lengthy detoxification or cleansing rituals.

  • Drink more water
  • Enjoy a fresh glass of green juice
  • Cut out or significantly reduce sugar, processed foods, vegetable oils. Instead, eat whole foods natural sweeteners and olive oil.
  • Sip some green tea
  • Reduce refined carbs like white bread, pasta, and rice. Try whole grains instead.
    Take a probiotic supplement

By helping your body detox along the way, you’ll notice that you’re able to shed pounds faster.

7. Workout Your Emotional Issues

According to, emotional eating is using food to make yourself feel better. It’s eating to satisfy emotional needs, rather than satisfy physical hunger.

This is why we often find ourselves binge eating after negative emotional experiences. Food is very comforting. So, we often turn to eating as a way to soothe ourselves when we’re feeling down.

The problem is, this often leads to consuming a lot of unhealthy junk food.

To overcome mindless eating, it’s essential to work through your emotional issues. You’ll need to figure out the underlying causes and triggers that lead you to binge eat.

Once you’re able to let go, you’ll be able to break the chain of eating whenever you feel down or sad.

8. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

Apple Cider Vinegar contains about 5-6% acetic acid. It is this acid that gives it its unique tangy and tart taste.

More importantly, it is the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar that makes it so beneficial to health. A study shows that drinking one tablespoon of vinegar daily for 12 weeks helped participants lose 2.6 pounds during that time. It also cut their triglycerides by 26% while reducing body fat percentage by 0.7%. Finally, they also shed half an inch off their waistlines.

Besides weight loss, ACV has also been proven to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

To take advantage of ACV for weight loss, add a tablespoon with water. Drink this mixture 2-3 times a day ideally before meals.

This will help suppress your appetite.

Lemon Water

Another option is to enjoy a glass of lemon water every morning. Unlike Apple Cider Vinegar which has a scientific basis for helping you lose weight, lemon water doesn’t. But, it does help you lose weight indirectly.

That’s because drinking lemon water regularly allows it to replace other beverages you drink throughout the day. This includes soda and juices which contain a lot of sugar.

Additionally, water itself plays a significant role in weight loss. Staying well hydrated helps keep your body’s metabolism running smoothly. Plus, it helps fill your belly.

This helps you reduce the amount of food you eat during meals, resulting in a calorie deficit.

The best part is, drinking lemon water is refreshing. And, it’s so easy to make. All you need to do is squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and drink. Make sure that you have a lot of water in the glass to dilute the lemon.

This reduces its acidic effect on your teeth which can cause enamel erosion. To prevent this even further, you can use a straw, so less liquid reaches your teeth.