Best Mattress for Platform Bed

When buying a mattress part of the decision making will depend on the type of bed you have. In this article, we discuss in detail the best mattress for platform beds.

While it isn’t as much of an issue today with many modern products having their own foundations, choosing a wrong match can shorten the lifespan of your mattress.

Below, we explain how platform beds are different from other types of frames. And, what types of mattresses are well-suited for them. In addition, we also tell you which products to avoid.


Our Top Choices: Mattresses That Fit Your Platform Bed


What is a Platform Bed?

To help you understand what types of mattress are best suited for platform beds, it’s worth understanding the bed frame first.

A platform bed is a type of bed frame. It is constructed with a solid surface that’s a raised platform or slats. With these types of beds, you place your mattress directly on the platform or slats. This style eliminates the need for a box spring.

Platform beds with slats offer more ventilation. The space between the slats allow for air to flow under the mattress. This lets you sleep cooler. And, it helps prevent allergens and moisture from building up in the mattress.

Many platform beds come with headboards and footboards. Because of their raised design you can use the space under the bed for keeping your belongings. This allows you to save space.

Platform storage beds come with drawers built into the bed. The drawers are often located under the platform though some have shelves on the headboard as well. These allow you to store more items within the bed.


Pros & Cons of Platform Beds

Here’s a list of the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of bed.


  • They’re very affordable. This makes them ideal for kids and those living on their own for the first time.
  • Space saving. Regular platform beds have space underneath where you can put things. Storage platform beds come with drawers build into the base of the bed. This lets you put your belongings as well as beddings.
  • They don’t require a foundation or box spring. This can save you money.
  • These beds are durable. Traditionally made from wood, these beds can withstand heavy use. Many manufacturers also make metal platform beds. These are strong and stable. Plus, they’re lighter than natural wood.
  • Platform beds are available in different sizes. This lets you choose a bed that’s longer or wider than regular frames.
  • There are no springs. This eliminates the squeaky noises. And, they don’t sag down as time passes.


  • They can be firm. Many use wood as their base. If you don’t use a thick mattress you may feel the wood. This can make platform beds too firm for some people including side sleepers.
  • Platform beds may or may not come with slats. Slatted beds offer better ventilation. This reduces allergen build up. But, you’ll want to check how far the slats are distanced from one another. Having too wide a space between them can make certain areas of the mattress sink down.
  • If you use a foam mattress, slats may damage the mattress. Please refer to our discussion below.
  • They are lower to the ground. There are two reasons for this. One is their platforms are designed that way. The second is because you don’t need to use box springs. This may be an issue if you don’t like standing up from a low position.
  • They aren’t as stylish as other bed frames.
  • Depending on the type of wood and quality of your bed, they can be heavy. This makes them difficult to move. A good quality platform bed uses good wood. This makes it heavier than many modern lightweight bed frames. Metal platform beds are lightweight and strudy.

Choosing the Best Mattress for Platform Beds

In this section, we look at the different features to consider when buying a mattress for your platform bed.

1. Pick the Type of Mattress that Matches Your Bed

Ideally, you’ll want to follow the bed manufacturer’s instructions and recommendation. This will tell you what type of mattress to use. It’s the safest way to prevent any damage to your mattress.

That said, in general, an innerspring pairs well with a platform bed. Memory foam and latex are options as well. The latter options are more expensive. So, you do want to take care of them better.

Memory foam and latex aren’t made with firm, solid base layers. This is true with majority of modern foam mattresses. As such, this means their softer foam base can get damaged if your bed comes with slats.

If you plan on using a foam mattress on this type of bed, you’ll want to check whether your platform bed has slats or not. This isn’t a problem with spring mattresses.

Another safe option are hybrid mattresses. These are often made with a memory foam top layer and an innerspring lower layer. This gives you the firm base of the spring coils and the benefits of memory foam.

2. Does Your Platform Bed Have Slats?

Large gaps between slats can disfigure and damage the base layers of memory foam and latex mattress. Ideally, if your bed has slats, the distance between them should be 3 inches or less. The smaller the gaps the better.

Slats are useful because they allow for better ventilation. This is helpful especially for memory foam mattresses which tend to sleep hot. Air flow also helps prevent allergen buildup in your mattress. Unfortunately, with foam mattresses, their weight against the slats may result in indentations and disfigurement.

Another thing to note about slats is the wider the slats the better. Slim slats means there’s a lot of them. Slats that are at least 2 inches wide for better support. This is essential with thicker foam mattresses which are heavy.

Do note that some memory form and natural latex mattress manufacturers void their warranty if you use their product on slatted beds.

One good, easy solution is to use a thick plywood that’s as big as the mattress. Placing this piece of wood provides you with a flat surface over the slats for the mattress to sit on. It does cut out ventilation. But, it keeps your expensive mattress in good condition.

Another option is to use your old box spring and place it between the bed and the mattress. This puts a solid surface under the mattress protecting it. An extra advantage of using the box spring is it adds height to the bed. This makes it easier to stand up in the morning.

3. Will You Be Using a Thick or Heavy Mattresses?

If you plan on using thicker or bigger mattresses, you’ll want a well-built platform bed that’s strong and sturdy. The thicker the mattress, the more layers there are. This makes them heavier than thin mattresses.

Low quality platform beds, or those made with composite material, tend to have lower weight capacity. Keep in mind that you’ll be adding your bodyweight to that of the mattress when you sleep. So, the beds needs to be able to support both.

This factor becomes more important if two people will be using the mattress. A bigger mattress, along with the couple’s weight mean a higher weight limit is needed.

The heavier the mattress, the stronger the frame should be. This is especially true with latex mattresses which are dense and heavy.

4. Choose the Size that Fits the Bed

Platform beds come in different sizes. These range from twin to king size. Some of these beds also have borders that help keep the mattress in place.

This can make it difficult to force a bigger mattress on a smaller bed frame. In the same way, you don’t want to be sleeping on a small mattress that covers only a portion of the bed.

One sure way to get the right fit is to use a tape measure. By measuring your mattress or bed beforehand, you can choose the right size when pairing them.

5. Mattress Height

How thick a mattress you choose often depends on whether you like to sleep high or low. How much you weight and what kind of cushioning you want also play a factor.

Platform beds tend to run low. This means you may need to compensate in height by getting a slightly thicker mattress.

A low bed means you’ll need to stand from a deeper position. This can be difficult for older individuals as anyone who has knee or back pain.

Another solution some people do is use their old box spring and place it between the platform and the mattress. This adds more height.


Best Mattress for Platform Beds Reviews

Signature Sleep Signature 13 Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are often thought of as uncomfortable. People complain that they too firm. Others don’t like that they can feel the spring coils on their backs.

Here’s where this 13 inch mattress comes in. It solves the issue of not having enough foam between the springs for comfort. In addition, you get a high spring layer that provides better than average support.

We like this mattress for its comfort. That’s something not many spring mattresses can say. It works well with platform beds, including those with slats. The spring base layer fits well over the flat surface.

It also works well with other bed frames including box spring and bunk beds.

As far as mattress composition goes, here’s what we have.

  • A pillow top layer for comfort and softness. This is what you’ll be sleeping on.
  • A thick 3 inch high density foam. This layer is right under the pillow top. It lets you sleep more comfortably farther away from the spring. It also complements the spring coil’s firmer, more supportive feel.
  • The high 9.8 inch coil springs. The springs are encased coil. This lets them offer more support by distributing weight throughout the surface of the mattress.

Classic Brands Mercer 12 Inch Hybrid Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

If you want to enjoy the feel of memory foam without having to bother about violating manufacturer’s warranties, this is a good choice.

This hybrid mattress gives you an upper layer that’s made of memory foam. The lower layer meanwhile consists of spring coils.

Because the memory foam is insulated by the springs and foam layers in between, there’s no risk of messing up the memory foam.

The combination of a thick innerspring support layer and multiple foam layers work great. They give you both support and comfort. In addition to the memory foam feel, we like that it is gel-infused. This negates the memory foam’s heat retentive properties so you sleep cooler.

Its breathability along with its pressure relief and comfort make this a top choice if you want support and comfort.

Overall, this is a 12 inch mattress that offers the best of both worlds.

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress

This is among the most popular choices because it is affordable and comfortable.

This 8 inch spring mattress gives you ample support thanks to its 7 inch high steel coils. We do like that they use softer springs on this one. This makes it less firm to sleep on compared to many similar products.

Above the spring coil layer is a 1.6 inch high density foam. This works well in combination with the support layer because it provides comfort. Of course, it won’t match the comfort you get from memory foam. But, it works well.

The mattress is ideal for different bed surfaces. These include platform and box springs. You can also use it with daybeds and bunk beds.

In addition to the support the spring coils offer, we like the extra pressure point relief it brings. The bed gives you 3 zones that help relieve pressure areas. These are the head and neck, back and hip and lower leg areas.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

If you want to get more comfort from your platform bed, we recommend going with this one. It is relatively affordable. And, very comfortable.

It is a memory foam mattress. And, as such, we recommend taking the proper precautions when using it on a platform bed. Please read the manufacturer’s warranty first. And, play it safe by using a flat plywood underneath. This ensures that the mattress rests on a flat surface away from the platform bed’s frame.

That said we like this green tea infused memory foam mattress. It features 3 inches of memory foam on the top layer. This helps make your sleeping surface more comfortable. And, it keeps odors and bacteria away.

The rest of this 12 inch mattress is made up of foam layers. The lower part is 7 inches of high density foam. This supports your body. And, unlike spring coils is more prone to reshaping. For this reason, you don’t want to place it over wooden boards or slats with spaces between them.

The thick support layer and extra comfort layer combine to make this nice to sleep on. It works well for different sleeping positions. And, you get pressure point relief as well.