About Health Grinder

Welcome to Health Grinder!

Hi, my name is Emma. I’m the editor here at Health Grinder.

Our goal here at Health Grinder is to provide you health tips and ideas that are easy to use in your every life. We focus on nutrition and food complemented by exercise and fitness.

Together, we believe they are key to not just losing weight but also being able to sustain it for the long haul. We also believe that combining the two together in one’s daily routine will help anyone be successful in achieving their desired weight, and feel their best.

We’re here to provide informative and actionable information that you can use to eat and live healthier. What we write about is based on research and whenever possible backed up by studies. This way you know we aren’t guessing.

Our Beginnings

This site came about after having to spend a few years battling with my weight.

Weight was never a problem when I was in school. I was fortunate enough to be able to eat anything and stay relatively slim. Of course, on a student’s budget that was always a plus.

After graduation though, things started to change.

Like most people, I went to work at an office. My busy schedule soon caught up with me. In trying to optimize my time at work, I slowly fell into the habit of looking for the quickest, simplest ways to get food into my body.

Soon, I had gained 15 pounds. And the pointer on the scale kept rising.

Things got worse after I had my first child. Months after child birth, I suddenly got hit with the reality that I couldn’t shed a good portion of the weight I gained during pregnancy.

Long story short, it took 4 long years of discipline, experimenting and re-learning how to choose the right foods and take time out for regular physical activity to get me back to a healthy weight.

This is why we formed Health Grinder.

Our Mission

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of people who have been or are in the situation I was a few years back.

And with so much unhelpful and misleading information available, it is so easy to try some fad diet or weight loss hack only to gain all the weight back in a few months.

Health Grinder is different!

Our mission is to provide easy to follow, useful information that is also actionable. We rely on health eating, proper nutrition and exercise to help whip your body back into good shape.

Like everyone else, I’m still learning. And this is also a way for me to learn more about something I’ve gotten passionate about while sharing it with others who may benefit from it.