Best Gas Grill under $200

When summer time comes, a relaxing backyard BBQ is a great way to enjoy weekends with family and friends. The best gas grill under $200 will let you do just that without burning a hole in your pocket.

In this article, we find the best cheap gas grills you can use at home. They come in all shapes and sizes. This lets you cook a hearty meal for the entire group.

Whether you plan on putting it in your yard, patio or deck, there’s one that will fit your needs. The best part about them is that they’re much easier to cook with compared with charcoal grills.


Our Top Picks: Cheap Gas Grills that Offer Quality

  • Char Broil Performance 475
  • Char-Broil Classic 360
  • Weber Q1000
  • Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE
  • Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro
  • Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill


Best Gas Grill under $200 Reviews

Char Broil Performance 475 4-Burner Cart Gas Grill

For affordable all-around cooking and grilling in your backyard, this is what you want. It offers good size, 4 gas burners and an extra side burner.

The Char Broil Performance 475 is built on a rolling cart. It offers 475 square inches of main grilling area. Plus, an extra 175 square inches for secondary cooking above that.

The grill also comes with a 10,000 BTU side burner that lets you prepare veggies, make side dishes, and soups.

The primary cooking surface is 25.6 inches by 18.5 inches. This is enough to easily let you cook 20 burgers at the same time. There’s also the 22.8 inch by 7.4 inch warming rack over that for secondary cooking.

Compared to other cheap gas grills, we like that the Performance 475 comes with a temperature gauge on the hood. This lets you know the internal temperature with one look. It also eliminates the need to install one yourself.

Measuring 53 inches long and 25.8 inches to the back, the unit is 45 inches high. It does a good job in keeping in the heat and quick cooking. The size makes it practical for medium to large families. Or, anyone who likes to have guests over.

Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Gas Grill

This is one of the best options for anyone looking for a cheap gas grill. It costs just over $100 and works very well for small to medium sized families or groups. This makes it a great, affordable addition to you yard or patio.

The Char-Broil Classic 360 offers a 26 inch by 14 inch cooking area. This gives you just over 360 square inches of grilling space. The space lets you cook as many as 15 burgers at once. This should be enough for a small gathering of friends or family.

The grates go over 3 propane burners that run on 30,000 BTU. The heat they produce lets you sear the outside of steaks and burgers to lock in the juice. We also like that you can individually control each of the burners. This allows you to cook burgers on one side, hotdogs on another and buttered corn on the third burner at the same time.

Above the grilling area, there’s a smaller warming rack where you can leave cooked food to warm. You can also use it for some indirect cooking when the lid is closed. This space is 24 inches by 7 inches, giving you total of 170 or so square inches.

Overall, this is an easy to use, compact gas grill. It is likewise easy to clean and maintain. We like that it is lightweight and comes with wheels. The 3 individually controlled burners, good sized grilling area and cheap price make this very practical.

Weber Q1000

If you prefer something that’s not only compact but also portable, then this Weber Q grill is a good choice.

This is one of the smallest products in the brand’s lineup. It is shaped like a small dome with handles on the side. These features make it easy to carry and transport. Its size, weight and design make it ideal for camping, tailgating or cooking on your patio.

The Weber Q1000 cooks on one stainless steel burner. While this may look insufficient for grilling at first, we quickly found out that it heats up the main 189 square inch cooking surface very well.

The burner runs on 8,500 BTUs. And, it runs on 14 oz. or 16 oz. LP tanks. These allow it to be very portable. They also make its weight more manageable when loading in your car or RV.

The Q1000 uses an easy to turn on switch. This quickly lights the burner in one click. What makes it very efficient in cooking and searing meats is the shape of the cover and the grates. Both help in keeping in the heat and distributing it evenly across the cooking surface.

The cover is shaped like a half egg. This seals the heat. Meanwhile, the cast iron cooking grates are porcelain enameled. This lets them conduct and maintain heat as well as distribute it throughout the surface.

Overall, this is a versatile, compact portable grill. It offers solid, high quality construction and excellent cooking. The space is sufficient for when you travel or go outdoors. Plus, it’s easy to carry and store. It measures 27 inches long, 23.5 inches high and 20.5 inches deep.

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

Should you like a more traditionally designed portable grill, Coleman has a solution. The Road Trip LXE is a lightweight convertible grill that comes with a tray.

Unlike the Weber Q 1000, this portable grill is able to stand on its own. The Q 1000 is designed more like a tabletop/countertop grill.

The good news is, its built-in tray doesn’t hinder its size or weight during transport. The reason being that the grill can fold down into a stroller. When folded down, it looks more like a rolling carry-on luggage. This makes it easy to pull behind you. And load into the car or van.

The wheeled design makes it easy to use when going to your grilling site, be it while camping, on the beach or in the park.

We also like that it comes with a lot of color options. The most popular one is the red. But, you can select from other options like blue, gray and black as well.

Compared to the Weber Q 1000, this offers a bigger cooking area. You get 285 square inches for grilling. This is enough for 3 to 4 people each round. It also runs on more power at 20,000 BTU.

Do note that the lid of the Road Trip LXE is flat. This means you won’t be able to fit bigger pieces of meat like a whole chicken or roast there.

Very affordable, this is a great portable grill for camping, going on picnics or tailgating. It also works for small patios or your backyard. We love the collapsible tray feature. And, its ability to give you a standalone grill anywhere you go.