Three Ingredient Lunches That Are So Easy to Make

If you’re on budget or just looking to save a few extra cash per month, these three ingredient lunches are perfect. Because you only need three components, they’re easy to make. Plus, you’ll save some money since you won’t need get so many things from the supermarket.

While we’ve labeled them for lunch, these recipes are great for dinner as well. They work especially well, if you’re short on time when you come home. Or, if you forget to restock the fridge or pantry.

1. 12 Minute Athlete’s Easy & Delicious Three Ingredient Protein Crepe Recipe

This is should be one of your go to recipes if you want a super low carb breakfast. Being easy to make is what this is about.

All you need are basic ingredients you’ll likely find in your fridge or pantry. These include egg whites and vanilla extra for flavor. Plus, to give it extra goodness, a scoop vanilla protein powder.

Then add cinnamon to the mixture to taste. All you need is 15 minutes and you’ll have a satisfying high protein breakfast ready to go.

2. Gimme Some Oven’s 2-Ingredient Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

It takes less than two minutes to prepare this awesome chicken recipe. If you’re like me, you love slow cookers because they’re so easy to cook with. Plus, they let you enjoy juicy flavorful food, including chicken which can sometimes dry out.

I also love that you can serve it on a variety of dishes.

One is to pop some chicken breasts in the slow cooker. Then, cover it with your favorite salsa. If you don’t have a favorite, you can try a restaurant style salsa.

It won’t disappoint.

Some extra salt and pepper to taste may be needed.

The best part is, throw in all the ingredients and let your slow cooker do all the work.

3. Food With Feeling’s 3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

With no more than 3 ingredients, you can have your own deliciously homemade version of sweet potato gnocchi.

This gnocchi recipe can be served with pasta sauce. Or, simply toss it through melted oil or the daily free butter. You can likewise enjoy it with protein on the side.

You just can’t ask for anything yummier!

4. The Healthy Maven’s 3 Ingredient Salmon

The look of a ready salmon alone is eye-catching.

So, if you have 20 minutes to spare, get to the kitchen with at least 1.5 lbs. of fresh salmon.

This is enough to make four servings. Of course, that will depend on how much you want for yourself.

If you’re particularly hungry that day, you can enjoy the entire fish for yourself.

For an extra zing, squeeze in one large lemon. You can likewise enjoy it with Italian seasoning.

5. Six-Minute Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks

Looking for a diet with Omega-3s? This is another great choice.

Like the salmon above tuna is loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are good for your heart. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin 812.

Unlike salmon which has a more distinct flavor, tuna is a bit milder. But, it tends to hold better than most fish even on different cooking surfaces including grills. This makes them perfect as tuna steaks.

This recipe looks as good as it tastes. To round out your meal, serve it in a bed of greens

6. Taco Lime Grilled Chicken

If you like something light yet delicious, this is something to go for.

This 3-ingredient recipe is perfect for anyone going on a low carb diet.

Have a portion of your lime juice mixed with taco seasoning. You need this taste absorbed in your chicken, right?

Marinate it from 30 minutes to overnight. Your choice. In about 3-5 minutes grill it over medium heat before slicing to serve.

7. Kitchme’s Garlic Prime Rib

This is an incredible recipe for special occasions, or when you just want to indulge a little. The juice prime rib roast is the hero in this dish.

Don’t forget the minced clove garlic which takes its taste up to another level. Also, because of its size, you’ll want to season with salt and pepper very liberally to draw out the flavors.

If you like herbs, add in some dried thyme as well.

8. Pinch of Yum’s 3 Ingredient Creamy Tomato Shells

Who doesn’t like a quick, easy to prepare recipe that’s yummy?

This recipe includes raw cashew nuts which I love. Plus, it takes no time to prepare this recipe. This makes it perfect when you’re in a rush.

All you need to do is ready the pasta as you normally would, leaving it al dente. Then, make the sauce over low heat to warm. You’ll be needing a blender or small food processor to mix the water, garlic and salt with the cashews.

Finally, you can serve it with meat or other fancy combinations.

9. Sweet Phi’s 3 Ingredient Pulled Pork

You will definitely love this tasty yet easy to prepare pork recipe.

Out of a slow cooker comes out a juicy delicacy with subtle sweetness. With only three ingredients, it’s the best way to leave pork melting in your mouth with great flavors.

10. Cajun Dijon Grilled Pork Tenderloin

This is one of the best dishes to serve with chicken Rice-A-Roni and some lima beans.

Simple yet so delicious is why I love this recipe.

The orange juice, pork, Dijon mustard and Cajun seasoning make the perfect mix of kick and flavor. All you need is to blend them together to make an amazing meal for dinner.

11. Manila Spoon’s Easy 3 Ingredient Chili

Since you have all the time to prepare an engaging meal, try ground beef backed by your favorite brand of chili beans and salsa to spice up.

Make sure to brown the beef before adding all the other ingredients. This will give the dish extra flavor.

For this chili recipe, you’ll be using a slow cooker. So, it will cook the ground beef in the chili beans and salsa mixture without you doing much work.

For the best results, it could cook up to 3 hours. So, sit back, relax or take the time to do other more important things.

To serve, you can enjoy with sour cream and cheese which make awesome accompaniments.

12. 3-Ingredient Sausage Marinara Zoodles

Swap out your regular white pasta for something lighter and healthier. Not only do you get rid of the extra carbs, you’re also getting more nutrients by using zucchini noodles.

To make this dish, you’ll need a large skillet over medium heat to prepare the sausage. The recipe does call for a no sugar Italian ground sausage which makes it great for your health.

Once the sausage is ready, serve it with a heap of zoodles.