13 Delicious Gluten Free Recipes to Enjoy

Gluten Free Recipes

If you’re diet calls for staying away from food with gluten, you’ll love what we have in store for you.

Our list of tasty gluten free recipes will let you enjoy foods that are commonly aren’t allowed in your diet.

But thanks to some alterations to the ingredients, these dishes offer great flavor without the risk of allergies or stomach issues.

What’s better is that you can stick to your diet without having to do with boring and bland meals.


Tasty Gluten Free Recipes You Should Try

Healthy Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are very popular because they taste great.

But what if you’re going gluten-free?

Worry not…

Because Lindsay at Veggie Balance has got you covered.

There’s no gluten in these delicious cookies, no trans fat, and no cholesterol.

This will let you enjoy them without the guilt of store bought cookies.

You’ll also love that it only takes 26 minutes from prep to finish.


Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Another one of my favorites, this lovely red velvet cake comes complete with frosting.

My kids won’t eat cake without frosting. Or, if the cake isn’t chilled.

Yeah, I know, they’re picky.

I guess the apples don’t fall far from the tree. That’s how I was when I was younger.

This cake and frosting recipe, however, got them licking their plates.

This cake replaces your regular white flour with buckwheat and brown rice flour. It’s also got some healthy cocoa powder, plus the sweet taste of vanilla extract.


Gluten Free Strawberry, Apple and Vanilla Bean Galette Recipe

If you haven’t been getting enough fruit lately, try this galette.

It’s got apples and strawberries.

That will give you a fill of the vitamins and antioxidants to help keep you healthy.

This is a simple recipe that lets you enjoy something delicious. Plus, it is healthy at the same.

It fits right in when it comes to meal budget time because the ingredients won’t break the bank.


Cheesy Turkey Meatballs with Arrabiata Sauce

If you like Italian food, then try these turkey meatballs for lunch or dinner.

The turkey gives you a much leaner protein compared to pork.

Meanwhile, the extra mozzarella cheese adds extra flavor.

Jess over at Gluten Free Jess also makes the recipe gluten free. So, you are able to make it without having to go to the store and getting a pack of gluten free bread crumbs.

Instead, it uses cornmeal.

The arrabbiata sauce gives this recipe a bit of spice. So, if you’re not a fan of spicy, Jess recommends going with marinara or tomato basil.


Gluten Free Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

This one mixes our favorite Indian dish with pizza. Plus its gluten free.

What more can you ask for?

The recipe is courtesy of Nutmeg Nanny.

It is something I had to immediately try and you should too.

The recipe is broken down into its parts.

You make the dough, then chicken tikka masala and the pizza. This makes it easy to follow.

I didn’t have the pizza crust recipe on hand the first time I made it, so I used another gluten-free dough, which worked well. The kids and the hubby ate the entire pizza and wanted more.


Chocolate Brownie Breakfast Bake

If you enjoy chocolate, here’s a great recipe you can make to start the day right. This healthy yet delicious recipe comes courtesy of Laura over at Mummy Lauretta.

I love it because it doesn’t use any refined sugar and is gluten-free as well. Just so you know, there’s no dairy in it either.

You can make a batch so the kids can enjoy them for breakfast or take them to school for snack time.


Healthy Chicken Parmesan with Fresh Cherry Tomato Sauce

This gluten free chicken parm recipe is based on another Italian staple.

It uses the sweet cherry tomato sauce and Buffalo mozzarella.

This gives it a different flavor from the regular chicken parm that’s served in every Italian restaurant.

To make it gluten free, Phoebe over at Feed Me Phoebe uses ground almonds to coat the chicken breasts.

This gives you a more protein and no refined white ingredients.


Gluten Free Banana Nut Bread

If you haven’t been able to find that right gluten free bread in your supermarket, why not make your own.

That way you can be sure of what the ingredients are and its nutritional content.

This banana nut bread recipe lets you enjoy baking your own bread at home and having it for breakfast as well.

The bananas and walnuts are the main ingredients of this recipe which yields 2 loaves, which is 12 slices.


Pizza Squares with Cauliflower Crust

One of the foods that anyone who goes gluten free often misses is pizza.

We’ve all grown up with pizza and if you’re like me, ate pizza through college because it was filling and cheap.

This recipe from Peas of Cake helps fix your pizza craving without breaking your gluten free diet.

Instead of the white flour, Karli uses minced cauliflower to form the crust. You’ll need a food processor for this task and she recommends using a large one for the job.

The toppings include oregano, basil, parmesan cheese and Tuscan cheddar cheese.


Gluten Free Pancake Bites

Bet you’ve never tried pancake bites.

The Gluten-Free Palate gives us this very creative twist on regular pancakes that the kids will surely love.

You’ll be baking these in a cupcake tray so have them ready.

The pancake bites take around 14 to 16 minutes to make.

They are baked in the oven.

Then, another 10 minutes to cool down.

Yes, it does take a bit of waiting…

So, the kids will need to be a bit patient for this one.


Chocolate- Dipped Pecan Praline Biscotti

If you enjoy biscotti, you’ll want to try this pecan praline biscotti recipe from Jessica over at Sassy Southern Yankee.

Don’t forget to make the chocolate with it too. It does take a bit of extra effort and time but very well worth it.

This is a great recipe to make for the holidays or that lazy weekend morning.

This way you can take your time in making it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete unless you dip the biscotti in chocolate.

Enjoy this while read the morning paper.


Pumpkin Pancake

This lovely gluten free pancake recipe comes to us from Song of Style.

It is also vegan, for those who are looking for a delicious breakfast pancake recipe that doesn’t include eggs or dairy.

This pancake has a bit of a kick to it thanks to the cinnamon.

You’ll also get the sweetness from the pumpkin, vanilla extract, and almond milk.

Of course, don’t forget to top with honey. You can use agave as well as an alternative.


Gluten Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

If you’re like me, there’s no way you’re letting this recipe pass by without making it.

Chocolate check. Muffins check. What more do you want?

Our friends over at Veggie and the Beast cleverly replace the flour with quinoa, instantly making the muffins so much healthier.

Not only does the recipe offer more protein, it’s also loaded with slow-digesting fiber.

The fiber will help keep you satisfied between meals. As an added bonus, it also works to keep your blood sugar level in check.