13 Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

peanut butter benefits

Have you heard of the health benefits of peanut butter? It’s delicious and easy to prepare. Most people like peanut butter, I included. But, there’s often the question of whether it’s good for us. Below we take a closer look at the nutritional value of this beloved food. And, learn more about its health benefits. Peanut Butter Nutrition Facts Peanut butter is made from, you guessed it, peanuts. The peanuts are processed. Then oil, sugar, salt and other ingredients are added. Most store-bought PB include other additives as well. This…

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Watermelon Juice Benefits

benefits of watermelon

Many of us enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh watermelon every now and then. During the summer or when the weather suddenly turns warm, a cold slice of this fruit helps hydrate us. What many of us don’t know about or haven’t tried is the fruit’s juice. Many of the watermelon juice benefits stem from the fruit itself. But, by extracting the juice from the fruit, we can get more nutrients. In this article, we focus on the health benefits of juicing the watermelon.   10 Watermelon Juice Benefits for Your…

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123 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress

ways to relieve stress

With so many things happening around us all the time, getting stressed is almost inevitable. This makes it important to be able to step back, calm down and relax once in a while. In this article we take a look at the best ways to reduce stress based on scientifically backed evidence. The methods listed below range from things that you can do anywhere, at any time, to those that are done in more formal settings or require a bit more time to complete. The variety gives you a few…

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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Wine

red wine benefits

Love having a drink? Then you’ll love the surprising health benefits of red wine. Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Often, it is paired with meals. In 2014 alone, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) reports that Americans consumed 892 million gallons of wine. Most wine is consumed for enjoyment. Recently, science has discovered more about red wine’s health benefits. This has put more interest in the beverage. Not that we need any more encouragement to drink it… Based on the TTB’s figure above,…

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Soluble vs. Insoluble Fiber: Food Sources

insoluble vs soluble fiber

Dietary fiber is something that’s healthy. In this article, we take a closer look at the two types of fiber and compare them: soluble vs. insoluble fiber. As good as fiber is for the body, it is something that the average person does not get enough of. By breaking down the different benefits of the two types of fiber, along with listing foods that are high in soluble and insoluble fiber, we hope readers can better identify which foods to choose. Table of Contents What is Fiber? Types of Fiber: Soluble vs….

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Oil Pulling: What is it, its Benefits and Side Effects

oil pulling

Oil pulling. What is it, what are its benefits and does it have side effects. You’ve probably never heard of the term before. But, it is something you may want to try. Our mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria. Many of these bacteria thrive on the sugar from the food we eat. Without proper oral care, these bacteria will coat the surface of our teeth and form plaque, which begins harming our teeth and gums. In recent years, you’ve probably heard more and more about oil pulling and its…

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13 Health Benefits of Avocados: Fruit, Seed and Oil

avocado benefits

Avocados are often enjoyed as guacamole. What many of us don’t know is that this delicious fruit is also very healthy for us. The health benefits of avocado range from helping you lose weight to protecting you from age-related diseases. The best thing about them is that they taste good as well. This makes it easier for us to want to add them to our meals on a regular basis. Some Nutrition Facts You can add avocado to all sorts of dishes ranging from your salad to your smoothie. It’s…

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12 Mouth Watering Healthy Sriracha Recipes

healthy sriracha recipes

If you like adding extra spice in your food, you’ll love these healthy Sriracha recipes. The dishes we’ve chosen use this favorite Asian hot sauce to liven up your meals. To helps you stay in shape, we’ve only considered recipes that are healthy. This way, you can enjoy the extra heat along with new delicious flavors without feeling guilty after. In case you have never tried Sriracha before, we recommend that you give it a go. It’s a popular hot sauce that’s widely used in Asia and becoming more common…

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119 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier

how to be happier

Everyone wants to be happy. We’ve all experienced it at different points in our lives. And the feeling is so good that it’s probably the one thing everyone can agree they want to have in life. Plus, happiness makes us healthier, lets us live longer, and be more productive. So how can you be happier? In life, love, relationships and even work. We’ve dug into tons of research studies to help you find the answer. Here are 119 ways to be happier.   Note: You can use the Table of Contents below…

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11 Awesome Health Benefits of Kale

kale benefits

It’s called a super food. But what are the benefits of kale that make it so healthy? This article takes a close look at this leafy green vegetable to see what it offers. Kale is very popular among health-conscious food consumers. One reason is that it is rich in nutrients. It has a ton of vitamins and minerals our body needs. And, it contains many antioxidants as well. The best part is, you get them all in a natural form. No tablets or additives. This is why it is often used…

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