Best Vacuum under $300

Serious cleaning requires the right tools. If you’re willing to make that kind of investment in keeping your home’s floors and air clean, the best vacuum under $300 is where it’s at.

These are more expensive that most cleaners around. But, for good reason. At this price, you’ll find the top of the line products from each manufacturer.

This means superior suction, high quality construction and excellent filtration. In addition, you can expect a lot of accessories for those special situations.

Many of the products we’ve chosen are multi-type vacuums as well. This means they can convert between 2 or more kinds of vacuums.

For example, this lets you use an upright for floors. Then, transform it into a lightweight canister for cleaning stairs and furniture.

That’s a luxury that many lower priced products don’t come with.


Our Picks: Top Choices under $300


Best Vacuum under $300 Reviews

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)

This is our top pick at this price range. We like it because of its overall versatility and performance.

The unit is a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, though Shark does say it’s a 3 in 1. Anyways, here’s what it can do.

It is basically an upright vacuum cleaner. Unlike standard upright models, you can remove the middle section, which is a canister. This essentially gives you two options. You can use the lightweight end of the upright as a stick vacuum that can easily fit under furniture. Or, choose the canister and hose attached to it to clean stairs, tabletops or curtains.

This is a souped up model of the mid range Shark vacuums. It is designed with excellent power and a ton of features. It works on bare floors as well as carpets. Plus, it picks up pet hair as well.

This is comparable with Dyson’s high end upright units, though with a smaller price tag and more versatility. Depending on how you use it, we find that the Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet offers more suction than the Dyson Cinetic.

Overall, it is very powerful, easy to steer and transforms into many different cleaning tools. It comes with brushed for carpets as well as pet hair. And, you get a tool that works for hard floors as well.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Want to take a break and the let machine do the cleaning? Then the Roomba is for you.

The iRobot Roomba 650 is a robotic vacuum. Among the brands in this category, we like iRobot because their products offer better performance. They clean the floors better and their algorithm for covering the entire floor area does a better job.

Robotic vacuum are great because you can sit and relax after a long day and still get some cleaning done. What we like most about the Roomba 650 is it works on multiple floor types, including hardwood, bathroom tiles, and carpets. It also does a great job on dog and cat fur.

You do need to read the manual to understand its programming and how it works. But once you get through that, it does all the work.

The device weighs 7.9 pounds. It is circular in shape with a 13.39 inch diameter and stands 3.6 inches high. The unit’s low height lets it go under furniture very easily. And its object detection technology is great. This prevents it from “playing pinball” in your living room or falling off the stairs.

Once cleaning is done, it goes back to its charging dock automatically to recharge its battery.

All in all, this is a very convenient device to have at home. It is a bit pricey because of the technology. But if you can afford it and want to be able to spare valuable family, it’s definitely worth it.

Dyson V6 Motor Head

At just 5 pounds, this is one of Dyson’s entries into the lightweight vacuum arena. It has a slim design that’s easy to move around and carry. But, what makes it different from other lightweight vacuum cleaners is its power. And cost, of course.

The V6 Motorhead is an upgrade of the V6 Cord-free model. It is packed with more power, 75% more according to the manufacturer. This puts its suction at around 100 air watts. As a side note, the V6 models replace Dyson’s DC59 stick vacuums.

Thanks to the added power, the Motor Head offers the best performance among stick models. This includes other V6 designs and also Hoover’s Linx, which is among the top in the category.

The power also makes it match up favorably with many upright vacuums. That said, if you don’t like bulky upright vacuums and have the extra cash to spend, this is a good option. It is lighter, comes with accessories and performs well on different surfaces.

What makes the V6 Motorhead different is that its brush roll runs a low-powered engine. This is in addition to the vacuum’s main motor. The addition gives it extra dirt pick up ability especially on carpets.

Overall, this is an easy to use, portable vacuum. It is very maneuverable and does a great job with picking up small particles.

On the flip side, its battery life isn’t great. The extra motor on the head cuts down on usage time. Plus, the unit has difficulty with bigger particles, tending to clog up sometimes.

As nice as the product is, the Hoover Linx and Shark Rocket are more practical choices. They’re in the same ballpark when it comes to performance with the Motorhead but with affordable price tags.

Bissell 1785A CrossWave All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner

Wet & Dry Cleaner. If you have small kids or find yourself cleaning wet spots often, this is a good option to consider.

The unit is essentially a floor cleaner with vacuum capability. As its name implies, the device is meant to be an all-in-one cleaner that can handle multiple surfaces. This means it is designed for carpeting as well as hard flooring.

In addition, there’s its extra ability to handle liquids. This is made possible by the vacuums 2 tank system. It keeps clean water in one tank and any dirty water it has collected on the other.

The Bissell CrossWave comes with a few options including the brushroll and their corresponding formula. Which formula you choose depends on what floor you have at home.

The base unit comes with a multi-surface brush that’s designed for dual action. This lets it clean well on carpets and hard floors. You can interchange the brushes as needed. Though the other brushes are sold separately.

What makes the device unique is that it washes or mops the floor and vacuums it at the same time. The buttons on the handle also let you quickly switch between hard floors and rugs.

Overall, this is a product that does two things at once. It saves you time from having to vacuum then mop the floor or clean the carpet. It is fairly lightweight at 11 pounds, and is easy to steer. The 12 inch cleaning path is about average, though its capacity isn’t as big as some other cleaners. This may require more emptying if you’re cleaning a large space.

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