11 Best Yoga Poses for Flat Abs

Want to get rid of that belly but hate doing crunches?

Here are 11 yoga poses for flat abs. They’ll help you lose weight and achieve that trim tummy you’ve always wanted.

Unlike many traditional exercises, yoga poses are low impact. They’re gradual and deliberate, so you don’t feel worn out after a session. Instead, almost all yogis feel more energized after class.

Because we know not everyone has time to get to a yoga studio, we’ve brought the studio to your home.

Follow the step by step videos as they show you how to properly perform each of the poses.

1. Tree Pose

  • Why it helps: This pose is very helpful for flat abs because it requires you to hold your core as you are balancing. In particular, it strengthens your lower abs, because you’ll need to hold your pelvis in a neutral position.

To begin our yoga poses for flat abs, we start with the tree pose.

To do tree pose, put your weight on your left leg with your foot firmly on the floor. Then, reach down and grab your right ankle with your right hand.

Use your hand to help you pull your right foot up and rest it on your left thigh. Your toes should be facing the floor.

The pose should be held for roughly one minute and then repeated on the other leg.

2. Warrior I

  • Why it helps: This pose is great for getting flat abs because you are lengthening the muscles in your stomach as you practice. You’ll also need to hold your core steady for balance.

Start by standing so that your feet are approximately four feet apart from each other. Keeping arms straight and parallel to your sides, raise them straight above your head.

Then, turn your back foot out to the side. And, keep your front foot slightly in.

Now, rotate your torso so that you are facing forward. Finally, bend your front knee for a deep stretch.

3. Warrior III

  • Why it helps: This pose is very challenging and forces you to engage and lengthen your abdominal muscles, which will flatten them over time.

Start by stepping into a lunge position. You can do this by putting your hands on your front knee for stability.

Then, bring your torso forward towards your thigh. Next, stretch your arms forward so they are parallel to the floor.

Now, slowly straighten your front leg as you lift your back leg off the floor, taking care to keep it straight and parallel to the floor.

4. Warrior Lunge Twist

  • Why it helps: This pose engages your obliques, which are a key part of your abdominal muscles, therefore helping you achieve flat abs.

From your warrior I position, slowly lower into a high lunge position, where your front knee is bent, and your back foot is arched.

Then, twist your body towards your front leg, keeping your hands in a prayer position to help you stay balanced.

5. Plank

  • Why it helps: Plank pose is one of the absolute best for achieving a flatter belly. This is because it requires you to engage your entire abdominal muscle group.

Here, you’ll begin from the downward-facing dog. Then, lower your hips so that they are in line with the rest of your body.

Hold this posture for increments of one minute. Initially, try to hold for 10-20 seconds. Then, slowly build it up to 30 seconds up to a minute.

Be sure that your entire body makes one straight line and that your arms are straight and in line with your shoulders.

6. Side Plank

  • Why it helps: This pose is amazing for your abs because it requires extreme strength and balance, so you’ll start seeing toned abs very quickly from this one.

With the side plank, you’ll be starting from the basic plank position. From there, you’ll then slowly reach one arm up toward the ceiling and twist your body so that it is perpendicular to the ground.

Be sure to keep your bottom arm and foot firmly planted on the ground for stability.

Pay attention to your alignment. Your entire body should be straight, with no breaks in the line at your hips.

7. Boat Pose

  • Why it helps: This pose is helpful for abdominals because it requires you to engage your lower abs to hold your legs up in the air.

From a seated position, tilt your torso slightly back, being sure to keep your abs engaged and your shoulders straight.

Slowly lift your legs off the floor, keeping them straight, and put your arms out in front of you parallel to the floor for balance. Your body should eventually form a ‘V’ shape.

Be sure to keep your abs pulled tight to your body to flatten them.

8. Superman Pose

  • Why it helps: This pose will help you get flat abs because you are forced to lengthen your torso and engage all of your abdominal muscles.

Start by lying face down on the floor. Keep your pelvis neutral.

Now, slowly raise your head and chest so you are looking straight out in front of you and raise your legs just a few inches off the floor, all while engaging your abdominal muscles.

There are two variations on the arms for this pose.

You can either keep them back behind you or you can put them out in front of you, parallel to the floor.

9. Bridge Pose

  • Why it helps: This pose is great for engaging your entire core. While it focuses more on your hamstrings, glutes and lower back it also gives your lower abs and incredible workout. This will help you get flat abs because it naturally pulls the muscles towards the center of your body, helping to tone them.

Start by laying on the floor face up with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Make sure to keep both feet flat on the floor.

From there, slowly raise your hips so that they create a straight line between your knees and your torso.

  • Make it more challenging: For even more of a challenge, you can put one foot in the air, with your leg exactly perpendicular to the floor. This will help you engage your abs even more.

10. Reverse Table Top

  • Why it helps: This pose is amazing for flat abs because you are naturally lengthening the torso and gently strengthening it without being too forceful.

From a seated position, bend your knees, placing your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your hips, keeping them parallel to each other.

Press your hands and feet into the floor and lift your hips toward the ceiling. Your torso should create a straight line from your knees to your head.

Do not squeeze your muscles, but instead focus on lengthening them and keeping your arms and legs grounded.

11. Revolved Chair Pose

  • Why it helps: The pose is great for toning your obliques and will help you get flat abs because you’ll need to engage all your abdominal muscles for balance.

Start by standing up with your feet parallel and grounded in the floor. Bend your knees and rotate your torso to one side, reaching your arms out.

One arm should be up to the ceiling and the other one should be reaching to the floor.